Saturday, July 31, 2010

My last week. wow.

Well, since today is basically over, it means I'm only 6 days away, right? ;)
As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm leaving on August 7th, and my itinerary did change.
Leaving Moline, Illinois at 11:30am > Arriving in Chicago, Illinois at 12:22pm and leaving at 2:00pm> Arriving in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at 4:57pm and leaving at 8:25pm > Arriving in Frankfurt, Germany at 10:20am on August 8th and leaving at 2:25pm > Arriving in Helsinki, Finland at 5:45pm... spend a week at the language camp in Karkku, Finland > catch a ferry ride to Tallinn on August 14th.
So, if you're good at telling times from around the world, you will know what I'm doing, whether it be wondering aimlessly in an airport, flying, landing... or possibly making awkward conversation with strangers about my blazer or Estonia. :s

I'm sorry if you're reading this blog, expecting to learn so much about a country unknown to basically every American. I mean, this blog is all about my year in Estonia, but I just don't have any Estonian experiences, yet. But, you can read all about the up's and down's of this exchange fairly soon. :)


Caroly said...

Hey, I'm Caroly, from Estonia (Tallinn). I found your blog in Laura's blog comments. It's so cool to read it. (My English is not very good)I wanted to say that in winter it is very cold in here, but right now here is warm weather right now. (I don't know which weather is in your town or state) 55 km isn't long time ride, i think that about half an hour. I believe that you will learn Estonian language quickly. I am following your blog now. Good luck!

Caroly said...

Oh, I made some mistakes. :S

Loora said...

Thanks for your advice counsel about Chicagos hot dog and pizza ! i definetly try:)
And i wanted to say that when you come, definetly try kohuke.It is sweet snack, made from curd and it is popular in Baltic states.You don`t get it in Finland.Most Estonians love it, it is delicious!:)
And prepare for quite gold winter yes. But it`s at the same time very beautiful:)

And sorry for my mistakes too and I`m sad that you can`t read my blog because of Estonian language at the moment but later i maybe write in English too when i`m in US
already and when i don`t do many mistakes:D
Take care !:)

Marleenu said...

Hey, I'm Marleen from Estonia!! I'm goind to US at the same time you are here!! Have a great year and i hope you will like it here :) If you have any questions you can always ask

liisu:) said...

What down you will go when you arrive in Estonia?