Thursday, June 17, 2010

I have my destination!

I found out my first host family today. My host mum, Eha, emailed me. It turns out that I will be living in the country, just outside of Rapla, Estonia. I will be living with Eha, her 2 daughters (well 1 is studying at University in another town), and her mother. I am so happy that I have recieved some information. They said that I will arrive at their house on August 14th. It's coming up so quickly! :) It makes it so much more exciting, though!

I'm very glad I'm going to Rapla. It's a small town toward the center of Estonia. It's about an hour's drive from the biggest city and the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. Plus, by looking at the maps, I've noticed that Rapla isn't far from the resort towns along the beaches. :)

This exchange is finally becoming more real to me. All of this hasn't fully sunk in, yet. But I'm certain that after a couple of months of living in Estonia, it will become clear. It won't seem like a vacation, it will be me attending school, making new friends, meeting new people, informing people about America, speaking a new language.. all that kind of good stuff.
So this is the Rapla Coat of Arms.