Thursday, September 29, 2011


It's hard for me to believe that I've been back in the US for nearly 3 months! Honestly, sometimes I get these feelings like I should be back in Estonia, but I know, it had to end sometime. And these feelings are happening very seldom, now. (But still, occasionally I get these really vivid dreams of still being there. -Weird!)
Now, I've been busy starting university, seeing friends, and participating in different clubs and activities.
In my last post, I mentioned going to a big Rotary conference. As usual, over a thousand students, parents, and rotarians were present. And guess who was "lucky enough" to give a speech in front of everyone? Yeah, I had half an hour notice before I performed in front of everyone, but it went well. I only heard good reviews and laughs, at least :) And during the week long conference, there is a big flag ceremony, where every flag of every country involved with Central States Rotary is waved and paraded around. Since I was the only student involved with Estonia, I was the flag carrier/waver. I was in between a few boys, one from Ecuador and the others was a boy who came back from the Faroe Islands and a Finn. We just joked and had a lot of laughs while carrying the flags on stage and around the huge theater. I met with friends who went abroad the same time as I did and we all had great talks about our experiences away from home.
So, recently, I took a trip back to my old high school. It was so weird to see all the changes it has gone through. I met up with my old counselor, principal, the secretary, and we planned spontaneous surprises on other teachers. I didn't think that the school cared too much about me, but I guess I was wrong. haha. But the main reason I went back was to pick up my diploma. That's right, I actually graduated. Though, my junior year was rough and I had to take so many extra classes, my senior year abroad was just as easy as it could get, while my classmates had to suffer back in Illinois :D:D
Now, I'm in university, I'm just studying my Gen Eds since I'm still undecided. I've joined a few clubs at the school. Gay-Straight Alliance (I do have gay friends and support is always appreciated), Drama Club (YES! I can participate in the theater, again!!:D:D), and the Culture Club (This is cool. There are other exchange students in this club and people just interested in foreign affairs. I can talk about Estonia and learn so much from other students who went abroad for a year or just a semester) And just being in a new environment, like college and the different clubs, I've made many new friends. So it's all going well as far as school goes.
I'm still thinking about returning to Estonia. Not for another year or anything, I don't think I can do that, again. Not that I didn't have a great experience during my exchange year, it's just when I looked into doing a volunteer year or whatever, it would just be too expensive. So I'm planning, possibly, a European Tour. It's going to be pretty low-budget and hopefully I'll be able to make the funds for a full summer in Europe. For my plans, I'm leaning more on couch-surfing and "programs" like that. Where I will for sure meet people in the places I go and learn more :)

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