Friday, September 10, 2010

First full week of school: Done.

I feel like Gordon Ramsey saying the title. Ever seen the F Word? When he's in his own kitchen and making a quick recipe? He just calling out "Basil, Butter, DONE!" :)

This week, I found out a few things. I learned a few more Estonian words, words that I'll hardly ever use. But still, I'm glad I know them, just in case I need to describe...someone.
I also found out that some of my teachers didn't know I was an exchange student, guess I'm just that good at blending in here.
My Russian teacher heard my name and found out that I knew a little Russian, she was impressed, but she soon became unimpressed when I couldn't understand the rest of the class. I think she thought I was from Russian descent. She starting asking me why my name is Marina (a very popular name in Russia) and about my family.

But all in all, this week gave me much time to reflect to myself. Pretty much because I'm just in class, not understanding a word (just a few here and there) I've realized, it's hard being an exchange student. You really have to be out there, especially in Estonia.
Most people here are so reserved. At times it's a little odd. But once you strike up a conversation with the people, you'll find that they're really funny. This makes me so much happier. And the fact that my class is more comfortable with me. There are more students that come up to me and ask me questions. :)
And yes, I know I'm making a fool of myself everyday. Sometimes I walk into closets, thinking they might be a classroom. Haha.. That happened today. I was trying to find my History class. There is a room that combines the History and some other classroom. It's like a small teacher lounge type thing.. coffee maker, table with sugar and cream, etc. I opened the door, there were no lights. I knew I was in the wrong place. I just had to go the next door over. :D But at least I made it to the general area.

On Thursday, my class had our Class Picture taken. A bit different than in America. Here, everybody gets together for one picture. Then, if you want to, you can get a portrait taken or get a few friends together for a Friend Picture. I didn't get my portrait taken, but I was in a few Friend Pictures. One is probably the most memorable picture taken in Estonia so far.. They came up with the idea me holding a sign that reads, "SOS" while the other girls are pulling my hair, making creepy faces. They're inspiration is from the movie The Orphan. Thank you Esther for that fabulous idea. hahaha. :)


greete said...

I know that I'm genius. Other girls too, maybe. :D:D But not Mari-Liis, she's not. :D:D

Marina Eagen said...

Hahaha!! :D

Mari-Liis =) said...

Ester is my inspiration ;)
And To Greete, who is love so much (not)...Thanks hun, but you are not a genius, Einstein was... ;)
I think that the "S.O.S" will be like the best Friend Picture :D

Liisu. said...

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I like your blog- it's nice to see your point of view. I really hope you enjoy your time in Estonia. I was an exchange student in Pennsylvania few years ago (07/08) and loved it!!

Liis, :))

emilyxd said...
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emilyxd said...

HEY MARINA! I hope you're having funing in Estonia! We all miss you a lot! It's not the same without you!