Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's hard to believe I've been here for a week now.. and been away from America for two.
It's weird to say, "good bye America, bye Germany, see ya soon Finland... hello, Estonia"
Seriously, sometimes, when I look out the window it seems I'm just in Michigan, a few hours from home. But in reality, I'm barely understood, confused, tired, excited, happy, sad, laughing..... yada yada yada. so many emotions.

My host family is so nice. They keep me very well fed. haha. Sometimes too well fed. I make sure to put my dish in the sink before they tell me to take anymore.. if I wait, then I have to keep eating. ITS EXHAUSTING! hahaha.
These past couple of days have been big ones in Estonia and the town of Rapla. 2 days ago, there was a national song festival over the tv. It took place in multiple towns all over the country, but we all sang the same songs at the same time. They had a live view from Tallinn and a large group singing and dancing there. Yeah, I got to see a folk dance that everyone knows.. from 2 year olds to very old men that shouldn't really be jumping around. it made me little nervous. haha. In the same day the Rally in Rapla started. It goes on for days. It lasted in Rapla until yesterday. The road by my house was closed, the cars were whizzing by, tearing up the grass. We watched from the Forest. :) so estonian..
The other night, my host family had me watch a film called the Singing Revolution. It's a documentary about.. well the Singing Revolution. It was a great film, you should see it. And yes, it came out in the US a few years ago, so you Americans can learn about Estonia, too.


Sillu said...

Hope you like it in Estonia :P
PS! I'm in WV :)

Jelizaveta. said...

Hi! I really like your blog and I am very surpriced to see how you came all the way from America to Estonia. Usually Estonians want to go to America. :) Anyways, I live in Tallinn and if you have any questions just drop me an e-mail. :) I would love to answer to them. :)